Audio Sampler Plugin with JUCE


The CTAG-Drum-Sampler is a project which implements an Audio-Drum-Sampler-VST-Plug-in for Windows built within the JUCE Framework.

It was built as a term project for the Creative Technologies AG (CTAG) of the University of Applied Sciences Kiel.


Goal of the Project

The goal of this project was to design a sampler where the user can choose between 5 different modes (Chromatic, Minor, Major, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor).

When one mode is chosen, a sample can only be pitched within a given key. This feature gives the user the ability to pitch sounds within a specific key without knowing anything about music theory.



  • Total of 9 Voices
  • Each Voice has: ADSR-Volume-Envelope, Gain-Control, Pan-Control, Pitching, One-Pole-Filter, Wave-Shaper, Velocity Modulation for Amplitude and Filter Cutoff
  • Choose between 5 different Drum-Kits with (Kick, Snare, Clap, Cl-Hat, Op-Hat, Tom, Perc, Ride, Crash)
  • Drum Instruments arranged after General-Midi-Standard
  • Choose between 5 different Modes and all Root Notes to choose your Scale
  • Hi-Hat Choke Group to emulate real world drum behavior


How to use

For using the plug-in, you can choose between a standalone and a VST2 version of the Sampler (Both for Windows).

For both you have to place the given Samples folder into the users desktop directory, so that all samples can get loaded properly.






Niklas Wantrupp 2018