CTAG Strämpler: A eurorack sample streaming and sound synthesis module

What it is:

  • An open source eurorack sample streaming and sound synthesis module.
  • Half streamer, half sampler, therefore called Strämpler (close to German word of Strampler meaning romper suit).
  • Allows streaming of large audio files from SD card (limit 2GB file size due to FAT32 used).
  • A eurorack modular synth module with 22 HP width and an internet connection.
  • A bridge to connect to freesound.org, to play with samples within your modular synth setup.
  • Allows tweaking of your sound just like you’d do with a sampler + a modular synth.
  • Allows to parameter tweak and modulate sounds by control voltage (CV), employing a complex modulation matrix.

More details / how to contribute:
Visit the project web-page on CTAG @ Github.

Who made this happen:
The team of CTAG (Creative Technologies Arbeitsgruppe) at Kiel University of Applied Science, including:
Robert Manzke, Phillip Lamp, Niklas Wantrupp
With kind support for the front panel design by David Knop from instruments of things.