CTAG TBD Eurorack Open Source

What it is:

  • An open source Eurorack sound module based on the ESP32.
  • With an easy to extend audio plugin architecture.
  • What you make it.

Intros / tutorials / videos:

Why it is:

  • A group of audio enthusiasts enjoying coding and hardware making.
  • Build a platform to learn, build and practise skills, and engage students.
  • To allow anyone to understand technology by offering open access.
  • To squeeze and optimize code so that it can work on a small embedded system.
  • Because we can.
  • To fight boredom and despair of Corona Virus!


  • Easy DSP plugin development.
  • With web UI user interface by wireless browser access.
  • Through a REST-API.

Potential new features / current limitations / work to be done:

  • FAUST support.
  • Bug identification and fixing.
  • Code refactoring to make things more beautiful.
  • More user friendly interaction.
  • Documentation / tutorials.

Your ideas? How to engage yourself:

  • Join the enthusiastic developer team on Github.
  • Help build and spread the hardware module (and the word).
  • More ideas?