LiteSolder is an extension to LitePlacer which can dispense solderpaste with high accuracy.


  • Automatically dispense solderpaste on rectangular and circular PCB pads
  • GUI of LitePlacer now has an additional mode for dispensing solderpaste (motor setup for dispensing mode)
  • Dispensing solderpaste works with 15 cm spindle, 5 cm³ standard cartridge and steppermotor
  • Toggle between solder and place mode with a switch – no additional driver needed
  • Calibration of dispense nozzle for exact results
  • Loads a .gbr file and automatically find pad positions

The project is completely open source and available at as well as

The project would like to acknowledge the support by Interreg MakerStartups, enabling the evaluation of different solder pastes.

Authors: (c) 2019 C. Locht, J. Berlinski