We are currently setting up our new MakerSpace with the following machines:

Lasercutter / Engraver

150W CO2 Laser, able to cut up to 1,5mm V2A steel, able to cut and engrave up to 2cm acrylic, wood, leather, carton, etc. Working field 90x60cm², CAD software for designs. Details can be found on >

3D FDM Printer

Fused deposition molding printer MakerBot Replicator 5th Gen. Able to print PLA filament, 25,2 W x 19,9 D x 15,0 H cm³ working volume.

3D SLA Printer

Stereolithograpy 3D printer Formlabs Form2, liquid resin is cured using laser radiation. Working volume 145×145×175mm³, different resin types (color, functional) available.