Robotic Eye

Design and implementation of face detection and face  tracking using raspberry pi



Face detection and face tracking is very important subject of computer vision and pattern recognition. Using OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) which is open source and have lots of function define in the library, which can be used to write code for image processing.

Using  Haar classifier not only we can detect human faces but also we can detect other object like car, fruits. Just we need to make our own custom classifier using the photos of that object.

Usage of raspberry pi for processing makes the things more robust, the raspberry noir camera and the servo motors are all connected to the raspberry pi with the help of driver. The images taken by the camera are send to the raspberry pi where the image processing takes place and decision are made which are reflected by the servo motor which acts as actuator.Face detection are very useful in the field of photography as it helps to put the focus more on the face.

Hardware used:

1) Raspberry PI

2) Raspberry PI NOIR camera

3) Eye (prototype using 3D printer)

4) Servo Motors


1) OpenCV

Fig 1. Face detection using Haar features.                                                        Fig 2. Back view of the eye.

amitface_detection_haar                                   diabackview

Fig 3. Hardware.


Authors: Amit Bose, Reimar Zech, March 2016.