Sound Visualizer Mask


A LED mask for live music performances, that displays custom visuals, reacting to several parameters from Ableton Live, such as MIDI signals, audio signals or own defined parameters (i.e. slider, knob, …) in real time.


  • RGB LED mask with ≈ 420 RGB LEDs (Adafruit Dotstar LED strip – 144 LED/m)
  • Teensy 3.1 as decoder (decodes and warps image vector to RGB LEDs)
  • Native Max for Live object “bojuinoWarper” to decode and warp quadratic Max jitter matrices to non-quadratic, uneven surfaces via image vector
  • Max for Live performance instrument with a GUI to control, mix and preview your own created visuals in real time (visuals are included as modules and have to implement a predefined interface)led_mask_control_gui
  • Currently 5 OpenGL visuals for demonstration (face visual, amplitude visualizer, video player, octave visualizer, waveform)



  • Map any parameter of your MIDI controller or Ableton Live to any parameter of a visual (can also be automated via Ableton Live envelopes)
  • Interactive visuals via audio: Audio signal can be routed from any audio channel to Max for Live performance instrument via network (=> you can also use another computer)
  • Route any MIDI signal from your MIDI track to Max for Live instrument
  • 14 video effects

Overview diagram:



Amplitude visualizer demo (better teaser of performance is coming soon)




Created by Henrik Langer, Stretch Material Sponsored by Expand Covers